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Our Famous Fudge is scratch made daily in our Townsend, Tennessee Fudgery, on the Peaceful Side of the Smokies!

Amongst the backdrop of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park our fudge kitchen makes homemade fudge the same way Grandma would – with fresh butter, cream, sugar and absolutely no artificial ingredients!

Our famous fudge was born from the local general store at the Apple Valley Mountain Village and grew to become a staple that keeps locals and visitors returning time and time again!

We can’t wait to share these beautiful, home made fudges with you, and spread a little sweetness from our fudge-loving mountain family to yours!

​+ Scratch Made in Tennessee, USA +

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Made at the iconic Apple Valley Mountain Village since 1992

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There’s just something about smooth, fresh, homemade fudge that makes everybody smile. This was the best gift for my co-workers Christmas presents! I will be ordering more each year!


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This fudge was DELICIOUS! It shipped right to my door, and tasted like my granny just whipped it up. I ordered a few squares of the sugar-free for my mother and her only complaint was that I didn’t get her more! Highly recommend!


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