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Rich & Creamy Classic Chocolate Fudge

$4.00 per ¼ pound

What makes our Fudge SO good? We make our small-batch fudge fresh daily in our Tennessee Fudgery with real cream and butter, and we’ve been perfecting the art since 1992! Our fresh ingredients make our fudge rich and creamy, just the way Grandma used to make it. With over 27 flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect flavor for yourself or that special someone.

Our Rich & Creamy Classic Chocolate Fudge is a fan favorite and a top seller – and we know why! This classic fudge will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. Our suggestion? Try elevating your s’mores with slices of our Classic Chocolate Fudge! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll have one of the best s’mores you’ve ever made.

Ingredients: sugar, water, butter, corn syrup, palm oil, cocoa, chocolate liquor, brown sugar, sorbitol, non-fat milk, cream, salt, potassium sorbate

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